Getting inside Tom Jenks’s head…

He is also a master of the short prose piece. One of our favourites is Petersons’s Crown

It’s unclear why Peterson began wearing a crown. The opportunity to ask never arose and it became too late to mention it. We dismissed it as a foible, like Barker’s bootlace tie or Crowther’s desktop wormery. But there was a new deference towards Peterson. He always had the wingback chair in meetings and took personal calls with impunity. Colleagues brought him unsolicited marshmallows, which he ate alone in the foyer, his golden headpiece splendid in the fluorescent light. It showed, said Barker, confidence was key. You just have to behave like something to become it, like his cousin, the dentist.

Terrifying! This may explain the state of my teeth.

Tom has also written the libretto for a opera – Crabtree – which was commissioned by Manchester Opera Project and performed at the Festival One season in August 2017. It features a bear and you can a film of the opera here.

You can find out more about Tom on all social media but his website here is a great place to start.

We are delighted to announce that Tom will be performing at Altrincham Word Fest next May. We are not sure yet what form the evening will take or whether the bear will make an appearance but pencil in 7pm on Thursday 16th May . Further details nearer the time.


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