Catching Up with Susan

We really enjoyed catching up with Susan Earlam recently.  Friends of Altrincham Word Fest may remember Susan’s fascinating presentation about her blogging and social media work at last year’s festival. Susan also discussed the novel that she was working on and even read us a tantalising extract. The novel is finished now but it sounds like it’s been an exhausting process with so many redrafts that Susan has lost count!

Susan has now started submitting the manuscript to agents with the aim of going down the traditional publishing route. No joy yet but she is staying positive and continues to flex her creative muscles by writing flash fiction. You can find some of her work here .  Susan likens these contrasting writing processes to running a marathon (the novel), refreshing and energising herself (the flash fiction) in order to get to the end of the race (an agent or publishing deal). In fact, Susan has also started to plan a second novel. This time she thinking about  exploring the world of magical realism.

Work with brands has taken a back seat whilst Susan focuses on fiction, although she will occasionally be tempted to work on a collaboration if it is an exceptionally good fit and the relationship is mutually beneficial. Joining in with The Bestseller Experiment she is writing a minimum of 200 words a day.

Susan’s blog is an inspiring resource for the reader and the writer. For regular updates and ideas you can subscribe to her newsletter here 


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