Writing in the time of covid-19


My Daily Walk

By Judith Wilson

My daily walk’s not yet forbidden,
With people out, all faces hidden,
No, not masks from t-shirts made
But looks on faces so afraid.

Stand back apart, at least two metres
Avoid the stumbling social tweeters,
The joggers cough as they pass by
Walkers stand quite still and sigh.

As I walk back along the road
To the refuge of my safe abode,
People dodge to driveways clear
And into roads with cars so near.

The house is safe, the postman’s been
I pick up letters, and wipe them clean,
All rooms look clear of any bug
But who can tell with this old thug.

Don’t rub my eyes, my mouth, my nose
Just wash my hands, my arms, my clothes,
And sit right down and watch some telly
With dirty hair that’s sometimes smelly

No makeup, bra or nice clean trousers.
Loads of time to clean our houses,
Emptying cupboards throwing out trash.
When in the shops don’t pay with cash.

Facetime and Zoom and WhatsApp groups
All used for fun and gathering the troops
There’s little time for feeling bored
With pub quiz points right there to be scored.

Jigsaws, singing and sometimes knitting
Wave at neighbours in the front room sitting
But no comfort hugs or kissing friends
Until this nasty virus ends.

But once it does we’ll leave the house
Quiet at first just like a mouse,
Then we’ll sing and shout, and jump to be seen
As we say goodbye to Covid-19.


Judith Wilson is a local author. Judith has written three psychological thrillers, a memoir and her poem is in MIF poem collection, ‘Volunteering in Poetry’. Find out more about Judith here


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