Writing in the time of covid-19



Tom Jenks


There are ghosts

bouncing on our lockdown trampoline,

untroubled by social norms

or overhanging branches.




Tom Jenks


Welcome to my home office,

I am making amulets,

in virtual meetings,

looking up my own nose.


Good morning, blackbird,

you are wise today,

perched on the tweezers,

predicting snowfall.


I am gazing steadfastly

over the reservoir.

I am following the Canadian airforce system.


Crying  Noli me tangere, Reiki master!

for this is not love but orgami.


Tom Jenks is a writer/poet. He’s published a number of books and his poetry appears in many poetry magazines. His latest book is ‘A Long And Hard Night Troubled By Visions’.

Tom Jenks: https://www.zshboo.org








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