Writing in the time of covid-19

  Tom Jenks   There are ghosts bouncing on our lockdown trampoline, untroubled by social norms or overhanging branches.       Tom Jenks   Welcome to my home office, I am making amulets, in virtual meetings, looking up my own nose.   Good morning, blackbird, you are wise today, perched on the tweezers, predicting snowfall.   I am gazing steadfastly over the reservoir. I … Continue reading Writing in the time of covid-19

Writing in the time of covid-19

My Daily Walk By Judith Wilson My daily walk’s not yet forbidden, With people out, all faces hidden, No, not masks from t-shirts made But looks on faces so afraid. Stand back apart, at least two metres Avoid the stumbling social tweeters, The joggers cough as they pass by Walkers stand quite still and sigh. As I walk back along the road To the refuge … Continue reading Writing in the time of covid-19

Historical Fiction Writing Competition

Welcome to the Altrincham Word Fest Historical Fiction Writing Competition! We are challenging pupils in Altrincham schools to produce a work of historical fiction of up to 1 000 words. We would like you to write a story that is based on an event, situation or person relevant to the history of Altrincham, Manchester or of your own hometown. We would like your story to … Continue reading Historical Fiction Writing Competition

2020 Programme

May 3rd (Sunday) Independent publishers book fair    High street bookshops are full of books from a small number of large mainstream publishers, most based in London. However, the North West is home to a great variety of small independent publishers producing great work by little known and emerging authors. Our book fair will provide an opportunity for local people to discover fantastic work by the … Continue reading 2020 Programme

Happy new year! Altrincham Word Fest 2019 is on the way. Altrincham’s own writing festival will be taking place from 11th to the 26th May 2019. We have the best from our 2018 event plus some very exciting new workshops and writer events. Keep your eyes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for regular updates. Continue reading