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Rant off collage

Photos :Karen Herman Wright

We’d like to thank all the young people who sent us entries for our ‘Rant Off!’ We had great fun reading all the rants but listening to the young writers performing them in the imposing surroundings of the Council Chamber of Altrincham Town Hall was even better. You can find all the rants that were performed below. Congratulations to everyone but especially to the writers of the amazing winning rants.

Younger Age Group: Years 7 – 11

Winner : Anna Martin

Why don’t you pursue your dreams/goals ?
You are discouraged by your failures.
You aren’t consistent.
You give into fear.
You aren’t accountable.
You lack motivation.
You feel unworthy of success.
You doubt .
You aren’t patient.
You have bad habits.
You don’t have confidence in yourself.
You aren’t committed.
You make excuses.
You get distracted.
You don’t focus.
You give up.
92% of people don’t achieve their goals.
Take inspiration from people like Albert Einstein, who didn’t speak until he was four and read until the
age of seven, and went on to win a Nobel Peace Prize for his work in Physics.Vincent Van Gogh only
sold one painting in his lifetime, but continued painting and now they have made millions.Gladys Burril
completed her first marathon at 86 years old , and became famous after completing the Honolulu
Marathon age 92.
You should learn from your mistakes.
You should be dedicated.
You should start now.
You should make time for them.
You should reward yourself.
You should start simple.
You should be passionate.
You should be committed.
You should make good habits.
You should focus.
You should think for yourself.
You should feel worthy of success.
You should make choices.
You should be bold.
Dr Steve Maraboli said “The cemeteries are full of unfulfilled dreams”,”Don’t choose to walk the well
worn path to regret “ and “There will always be fear, do it anyway”.So jump, because you only live

Runner Up : Alina Patway (Hand-written entry- Click the link below)

 competition entry climate change(1)


Malika Roy


Riya Pillai 

My rant about cracking your knuckles (this entry was highly commended)

Oh goodness, do I hate it when people crack their knuckles; this wounding sound makes my ears bleed in horror. I swear these torturers do it purposely to make people squeal in pain – anyway they will die in a while, suffering from the appalling disease, arthritis. I despise it when they wiggle their deformed, monstrous fingers right in my face. It annoys me as when you tell them to stop, they do it even more; now the spine-chilling sound will always haunt my dreams.

Why do people think it’s satisfactory? It sounds like boulders crashing and grinding vigorously together. The deafening, stiff noise makes me cringe! Which foolish person first invented the idea of harming your beloved, sacred knuckles anyway? It was a horrible idea and it really pulls on my nerves. Why do it unless they want to be annoying and bizarre, and make gruesome rupturing bone sounds just to distress others.  If they keep doing it, they need to know: do it too much and you won’t be able to walk in a straight line with your now abnormal jelly legs. How about this racket stops this instant, so I don’t need to hear this wacky racket ever again; I just can’t stand it!


Oscar Joyce-O’Keefe

I honestly think it’s stupid how some people don’t care about global warming and especially they don’t even believe in it. The signs of global warming are all around us: hotter summers, colder winters and the sea level rising. People need to take action to help stop these things and not make them worse. Animals, multiple species, are dying because of global warming; they are having to climb obstacles they should never have had to face. If we don’t do something then the consequences will be catastrophic and life as we know it will be ruined. But if we do do something, like not using our cars as much, then we can stop global warming and save many living things.

I cannot believe some people still use so much plastic even though it is one of the main causes of global warming. Plastic lets off greenhouse gases when it decomposes and greenhouse gases cause global warming. Our generation will be affected the most by this and we will have to live with the bad decisions that other lazy people made for the rest of our lives.

Please care for the environment, make a difference and save the planet.


Yanllik Baizhanova

Animal Cruelty is Wrong

Animals are altruistic and amazing,

Never mind their loyalty and love!

I wish we, humans, had stopped abusing,

Mistreating, attacking our furry, feathery, scaly friends,

All because we find it “entertaining”…

Lest they fight back.


Can’t we realise that animals are no less deserving of affection?

Realise that we’re the beasts?

Ugly, peculiar and deformed at times – no matter!

Even this doesn’t make them lesser than you.

Look around and see for yourself –

The creatures of this Earth are what makes it beautiful.

Yet some fail to recognise what effect their selfish actions may have.


In another world, perhaps, you could have been them.

Swirling, helpless, in a whirlpool of hate.


Why be cruel when you can love?

Rest on the couch with their head on your lap,

Open your arms to embrace nature,

Nearly burst with joy when you see your animal companion?

Grant kindness – because it is greater than any store-bought gift.

By Yenlik Baizhanova; Year 8, Sale Grammar School


Sydelle Mendonca

Climate change doesn’t exist
It is negligible and
Who are you to tell me
But honestly how can you be this blind
We all are a bit unobservant
But you are opinionated
0.04% co² ain’t that much
Change my thoughts will you
Why should I
Turn down the air con
Use less paper
Stop using plastic
You should
Try stop me
I’m living out my life
Climate change sucks!
Older Age Group: Year 10 -12
Winner: Maygen Senior

We stare at screens, not people we love,

Some spend their lives analysing lines, taking their time,

With texts, trying to find meaning where the author had created non.

Words are tossed and spluttered perpetually,

And having a good vocabulary,

is smart.

And crying is wrong, and we’re all so ‘interconnected’, yet we are all worlds apart.


In our own head, we’ve got our owns tests and our own rules and our own school, and I’m

beginning to wonder what it means to be an adult, and


in a society where your job is to be one cog small, in creating a single product

and ‘we have to have it all!’


Why do some think it is not OK to say a racial slur, but to tell

a girl she can’t do this and can’t do that, is fine.

She cannot burp and cannot swear because that’s not ‘lady-like’,

Well what does that mean? It’s just a stereotype.


And it’s funny, you asked me to write a rant, well, I’m sure we can all do that.

We complain about our education, our food, migrants who stimulate our

economy, but cannot see,

how lucky we are to have the right to learn for free.


So, in summary,

I do not understand the ways of

our society.



Runner Up : Daisy Miles (Read by her friend, Tommy Beswick at ‘Rant Off’ )

Les Choses Sont Contre Nous

That which doesn’t move; that is the enemy.

The button that won’t do when you don’t have the energy,

It slips your grip and flips you off and mocks your rage,

You’ve had enough.

The pencil that breaks, the coffee machine takes

Two more seconds than you’re willing to wait.


When the paper towel meant to dry your mitts

Commits mutiny. It’s sabotage: it withers to bits.

You leave the toilet, hands with papery flakes,

The air a more trusted drier than paper towel makes.


Even the cold, wet porcelain can’t extinguish the boiling fury

That comes from a tap that sits squatting so stubbornly,

Too close to the sink. How dare it think,

That you should have to contort to wash your hands normally.


The villainy of a wi-fi that refuses to connect,

The tyranny of a sat-nav that declines to direct,

It takes only one wobbly chair for you to find your day wrecked,

And you find yourself at war with an inanimate object.


Rachel Cowsill

Best Days of Our Lives? (this entry was highly commended)

For many adults, all they try and do is their best by their children. They give them the bestlife possible,
trying to protect them from the harshness and cruelty of the world. They can only do so much. When their child starts school and progresses all the way to either university or a job, it’s very different for them.

Society is not the same as when we were toddlers, learnt to walk, talk and communicate, face–to-face, by mouth. Now, it’s by social media. Which is great… mostly. Free communication and freedom of communication, right?

Social media is a platform of pressure. Whether it’s what to eat and be skinny, keeping fit, wear the latest make-up, having the biggest muscles, it’s all there. If a teen sees themselves as different from these so-called societal expectations, they begin to doubt themselves. All through a couple of pictures on Instagram of ‘perfect’ lives. Trust me: life for anyone is anything but perfect.

As teenagers get older, they feel more pressure, not only from social media, but from school too. Grades
are everything; without them, where do we go? If only we realised that this isn’t the case. And the pressures from school are only worsened by ones we place on ourselves to be perfect. This is the cause of growing mental health issues in teens. Awareness needs to be raised. Why is it most people assume teens have perfect lives, when many have issues they are dealing with alone?