Writing in the time of covid-19

A View From the Window C. D. Rose I crack open the window, noting how dusty it’s got, stick my head out of the narrow gap and look up and down the street I live on. To the left, there’s a late 70s low-rise industrial unit, steel mesh over its few windows, a corrugated plastic roof. A plume of white smoke still rises from the … Continue reading Writing in the time of covid-19

The Song of Peterloo

‘The Song of Peterloo’ by Carolyn O’Brien is set in Manchester in 1819 where the cotton mills are making the owners rich whilst the millworkers are poorly paid and working in difficult even dangerous conditions. Many of the mill workers are drawn to radicals like Henry Hunt who are agitating for reform and plans are being made for a peaceful gathering of tens of thousands … Continue reading The Song of Peterloo

That’s What She Said

  That’s What She Said is a monthly open mic event that showcases the best new writing and performance by women and non-binary writers. It features well known headliner acts and offers a supportive environment for emerging authors to perform a mixture of performance, poetry and storytelling. That’s What She Said usually takes place in the centre of Manchester but we are delighted to say … Continue reading That’s What She Said

Programme 2019

This year Altrincham Word Fest is bigger and better than ever!  With events and workshops on poetry, blogging, creative writing, comedy, crime fiction, Alan Turing ‘s Manchester and advice on publishing your own work we have something for everyone. Whether you want to learn, perform or just listen –  you will find something to inspire you! All tickets on Eventbrite.    Saturday 11th May Flash … Continue reading Programme 2019

Susan Earlam – Writer, Home and Women’s Lifestyle Blogger

Susan Earlam was certainly an early adopter of social media. She started blogging about vintage lifestyle and interiors in 2010, joining Instagram in 2011. She  loves social media for the way that it allows her to meet and collaborate with other creative people. Her first incarnation was as ‘Old fashioned Susie’ which became an award winning blog, much admired by other bloggers.  ‘Old Fashioned Susie’ … Continue reading Susan Earlam – Writer, Home and Women’s Lifestyle Blogger

David Gaffney – King of Flash Fiction

  It’s been a while since writer David Gaffney’s Flash fiction workshop for Altrincham Word Fest. We met up with him in Manchester for a catch up and he chatted to us about his writing and his ‘colourful past’ before he found his vocation. ​ When did you start writing? I didn’t start writing stories until I was about 40! Before that I wrote songs … Continue reading David Gaffney – King of Flash Fiction