Susan Earlam – Writer, Home and Women’s Lifestyle Blogger

Susan Earlam was certainly an early adopter of social media. She started susan earlamblogging about vintage lifestyle and interiors in 2010, joining Instagram in 2011. She  loves social media for the way that it allows her to meet and collaborate with other creative people. Her first incarnation was as ‘Old fashioned Susie’ which became an award winning blog, much admired by other bloggers

‘Old Fashioned Susie’ eventually morphed into her current on-line persona, ‘Susan Earlam  – Creative Living’  – which more accurately represents the eclectic mix of interiors, fashion, book and film reviews and posts on subjects as diverse as black holes and inspiring places to work in Manchester. Although she still has a love of vintage Susan started to feel that the ‘old-fashioned’ moniker didn’t really convey her very modern approach!

The new blog still features great shots of Susan’s DIY projects in her 1920s South Manchester home. We love Susan’s down to earth approach. We do find some lifestyle bloggers can be a bit well ‘show – offy’, presenting a perfect life funded by limitless spending power – you know what we mean. We aren’t her only admirers – her Instagram account has 6 500 followers and she is in demand as a writer.

Susan is always understated and creative, offering a lifestyle attainable to many with a bit of ingenuity. This former make-up artist and art teacher is interested in EVERYTHING and the sheer variety of her posts is fascinating.

Interiors hacks include creating an alternative splashback using vintage postcards behind a perspex screen. Typically, her forays into the world of fashion revolve around flexible capsule wardrobes mixing well-chosen pieces with maximum cost/ wear ratio from both supermarket brands and design classics like her favourite Doc Martens. 

A great reader she often writes about books she is enjoying so we weren’t surprised when she told us that she is writing her first novel. She wouldn’t tell us too much but this self-confessed sci-fi geek will admit that her novel is ‘speculative fiction’ with a female protagonist.

Susan is coming to Altrincham Word Fest 2019 to talk about her blogging life, the challenges of blogging in a rapidly changing social media world, the rise of Instagram, working with affiliate brands and what comes after blogging. Blogging and beyond!


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