Blogger Katie Frankland who loves life and writing

Katie Frankland attended some of the Word Fest workshops in May 2018 and was inspired to start writing as result. In fact, the image of Katie writing during a break out session at Kate Feld’s ‘Life Writing’ session was one of our favourite shots of the festival. She looked so absorbed and yet so relaxed!
We were excited to hear that Kate now has her own blog showcasing her prose, flash fiction, poetry, local journalism and book reviews. Katie has also written for two issues of local magazine, Altrincham Today. She wrote her first article shortly after moving to the town and described her excitement at starting a new chapter in her life. Katie’s ambition is to be a full-time writer but she’s not sure yet how to make that leap. Have a look at her blog here You can also find a couple of book reviews that Kate has written for us on our review page.
We caught up with Katie at Altrincham market recently to find out more. Originally a north Manchester girl, Katie now lives in Altrincham with husband, Martin. Katie did a degree in English Language and Linguistics which she thinks inspired her love for words. She has had a varied career, first working for the luxury tour operator, Great Rail Journeys, then spending the last ten years working at the University of Manchester – unfortunately writing emails is the only written aspect of her job currently!
Travelling is still top of Katie’s list of things to do. Her most memorable trip was a visit to New England in Autumn 2016 although her blog has an account of a trip to The Azores which must also be in the running. Developing her travel writing is definitely in her plans – although all her money is going into her house at the moment rather than holidays. Katie’s Instagram posts illustrate her home design projects, one of which inspired her first work of fiction – a rethinking of the game of Cluedo.
Katie is a bit of a foodie and she particularly enjoys tapas style food although she is also partial to a vintage afternoon tea, quirky street food or a hearty a la carte meal. She’s living in the right place for this, of course, and enjoys making the most of Altrincham’s buzzing food scene.


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